Gauge size in inch:3.5"
Accuracy:±2.5% F.S. or ±3% ~ ±2% ~ ±3%

Pressure range/Scale range:220psi
Connector Size:1/8" NPT
Connector Type:Center Back Mount (CBM)
Dial Face:Aluminum
Crown Plate:Stainless Steel
Pointer:Black Aluminum
Housing/Case:Black Plated Steel
Ring:Black Plated Steel
Protector:Black Rubber

Aluminum Canister:Aluminum Alloy
Regulator + Hexagonal copper adaptor:Black Engineering Plastic + Brass
Hook Chain:Chrome Plated Brass
Plus a ball valve:Stainless Steel Pated Copper
Extension Hose + Quick Coupler:Yellow PU 1800mm+ Brass

Standard Package:Blow Mold Box
Media:Non-corrosion Air
Operation or Storage Ambient Temperature:Please contact us to get more details.
Certificate & Standard:REACH & RoHS、ANSI B40.100、EN837-3
Customized specification is available


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